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Airwallex is now integrated with Cake Equity

You can now get your startup global payments and equity in one place! Raise capital seamlessly, end to end, from getting your docs created all the way to getting your funds deposited into your account. No more crazy legal or FX fees.

Two exclusive partnership packages

We’re reimagining business finance for a globalised world, throwing old-school banking and clunky software out the window. Forget bank fees and spreadsheets - it's equity management and payments for the globalised tech industry.

Company Setup Package

Designed for getting started. Easily get your company incorporated, cap table software including capital raising and equity plan, multi-currency accounts, physical and virtual accounts.

Capital Raise Package

You're up and running, and your investors are global. Easily set up your cap table and raise documents for any country. And have the payment platform to match. Save weeks off closing your raise.

You don't want old school banking and finance!

Join thousands of early-stage startups and high-growth startups and scale-ups already using Cake and Airwallex to streamline their finances globally.

Sit back and let us do the heavy lifting

Cake and Airwallex, as part of this exclusive partnership, are offering concierge support for your equity and payments to make your raise as simple as possible.

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