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Hire, onboard, and retain top employees anywhere in the world

Give your team a delightful employee experience with straight-forward offer letters, digital signing, and equity-related comms!
Digital signing and equity contract management
Employee team app and vesting notifications
Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world

Attract world-class talent with equity

Stay competitive and get world-class employees to come on board. Align their interests with the company’s mission and reward them with a stake in the company’s success.

Digital signing and status alerts
Keep all of your contracts in one place
Download agreements in PDF format

Create and send equity offers, within minutes

Use Cake’s legally reviewed equity agreement templates to create equity offers with ease. Let them sign digitally and keep track of milestones and vesting schedules all in one place.

Cake Dashboard - equity ownership

Celebrate wins, make equity fun and inspiring

Communicate with your employees the value of their equity. They get access to a team app, allowing them to see the value of their equity in real time.

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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