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Work with proven track record with top startups and global enterprises (GoPro, Groupon and more). All reports are IRS, audit, SEC review proof and have been approved by the Big Four audit firms.

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Our 409A experts valuation reports are produced by seasoned appraisers who follow safe harbor standards and employ established valuation techniques.

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Get fast, audit-proof 409A valuations in days by our experienced partners. Since 2014 our valuation experts have been developing processes to deliver a draft 409A report in days, after receiving all the required information.

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What is a 409A valuation?

A 409A valuation is a crucial process that determines the fair market value (FMV) of a company's stock to comply with the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) section 409A.

It is needed to issue equity compensation to employees without incurring adverse tax liabilities, avoiding potential IRS audits and offering investors and management an insight into the company's financial standing. The need for a 409A valuation arises during material events such as but not limited to:

Offering employee stock options, after a year since the last valuation, when there is secondary market activity for shares
Change in business plans or operations, turnover of key employees and funding rounds
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