Build your startup on the right foundation

Attract passionate employees, advisors, and investors with a meaningful equity strategy from day one
Automate your equity contract management
Digitize your cap table and get ready to raise
Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world
"Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed!"
"Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed as a startup getting off the ground with an equity raise and an employee stock option plan for the first time."
— Gavin Ballard, Founder and CEO at Disco Labs

Incentivize your first hires with a stake at your startup's success

Easily create equity grants and offer letters, automate vesting schedules, and communicate the value of their equity to your team.

Set up repeatable equity workflows. Lessen data entry and admin work and save yourself the hassle of manual errors.
Digitized agreement contracts. Don't let investors and employees wait. Generate equity agreements in minutes.
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Save hours of back and forth with lawyers

Use Cake’s lawyer-approved equity agreement templates and stay compliant across 50+ countries.

Best practice equity agreement templates
Easily add new countries as your team expands
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Be investor-ready and prepare to raise

Generate option register reports as of a specific date showing the holdings, vested, exercised and lapsed options.

Store and organize capital raise documents, ready to send out to investors
Fast SAFE and Convertible note agreements
Access to a network of trusted legal and compliance partners
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Premium support

Our customer success team a few clicks away! Receive personalised experience and fast response time.

Dedicated Success Manager to provide personalised support and assistance
Private Slack channel with your team and ours for faster backs and forths.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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