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Powerful platform that saves your team time while keeping clients' cap tables and equity plans accurate and accessible for their investors and startup teams.
Advanced modeling with flexibility and control
Easy-to-use and intuitive user interface

Trusted by top law firms and legal teams

"As a US attorney, our partnership with Cake has been invaluable in guiding clients through cap tables and equity incentive plans seamlessly."
"Cake's innovative solutions are dedicated to simplifying equity resulting in a streamlined process for US attorneys, offering an efficient platform for managing equity matters. Their team's expertise and responsiveness make them a trusted partner in ensuring seamless transactions. I wholeheartedly recommend Cake Equity for your equity needs."
MATT SECRIST, Partner at Taft Law

Built for lawyers and legal teams

Fast and easy setup

Simple, fast, free setup and switching from other platforms. (It only takes 1-2 business days!)

Flexible stock  vesting

Double trigger vesting, easy vesting pausing, and other customizable vesting conditions

Automated grant documents

Automate option grant document generation, sending and online signing

Competitive and transparent pricing

Pricing that make sense for each stage of growth.

All-in-one cap table management software law firms can trust

Set your clients up for success with a software they can rely on and a cap table that scales with them in every stage of growth.

10x your productivity with a better cap table software

No more wasting time and resources setting up complicated cap tables. Provide your legal team an easy-to-use software you can rely on.

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    Bulk upload cap table data and shareholder info  
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    Automate legal admin and workflows, eliminating errors and repetitive data entry
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    Migrate your cap table from other platforms in 1-2 business days
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Manage legal docs and contracts in one place

Easily store and manage equity agreements, SAFEs, notes, director's resolutions, and other important legal docs. No more chasing unsigned agreements or aimless search for missing contracts.

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    Create and send equity offers to multiple recipients at once, and save templates for future use
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    Capital raise documents easily accessible
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    Easily manage which users can see what documents with user access controls

Accelerate learning with an intuitive user interface and expert resources

Cake's interface is simple and easy to use, reducing the time it takes for users to confidently operate their cap tables on their own.

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    Intuitive user interface that saves time for paralegals to setup and manage clients' cap tables
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    Equity education in-app that promotes self-learning
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    Dedicated slack channel and priority access to Cake's customer success team
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Everything your clients need to succeed

Cake offers an all-in-one cap table solution that is uncomplicated and simple enough for startups and powerful enough to get you through your series a, b, c.

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    Equity agreements and stock certificates
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    Fast valuations (409A), SAFEs, convertible notes, and other capital raise essentials
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    Cap table modeling, equity compensation benchmarks, and calculators

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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