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The equity operating system for fast growing startups

Attract and motivate your key employees, establish trust with advisors and investors, and take your company to the next level.
Premium support, free setup and onboarding
Automate your equity contract management
Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world
"Cake has revolutionized our cap table management and team equity."
"Love the team, love the tech, love the movement! Cake has revolutionized our cap table management and our team equity. It’s keeping the fuel on fire as we push to global domination.”
— Kirk Reynoldson, Founder and CEO at Eggy

Automate admin work so you can focus on growing your company

Operationalize your equity management so you can focus on growing your business. Make it easy for your team to issue equity grants and exercise options.

Set up repeatable equity workflows. Lessen data entry and admin work and save yourself the hassle of manual errors.
Digitized agreement contracts. Don't let investors and employees wait. Generate equity agreements in minutes.
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Grow a passionate and highly motivated team

Cake makes equity easy to understand, fun and inspiring for your team, through a portfolio view & vesting notifications. Ensure your team values their equity and doesn't leave it in a drawer.

Employee calculator. Let them see how much could their equity could be worth, in real time.
Simple and transparent. Manage what your team can see, show them what matters to them and leave out the rest!
Built for mobile. Team app in your pocket, anywhere your team members are in the world.
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Delight your investors with a clean cap table & transparent reporting

Maintain a clean and transparent cap table to establish trust with your investors. Delight them with consistent communication and reporting, and real time updates!

Bare trusts. Manage a growing number of stakeholders by creating bare trusts
Documentation and reporting. Automate documentation and maintain clear records of changes in ownership, vesting, and profits made from the trust
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Premium support

Our customer success team a few clicks away! Receive personalised experience and fast response time.

Dedicated Success Manager to provide personalised support and assistance
Private Slack channel with your team and ours for faster backs and forths.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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