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Curated by Jason Atkins, Cake's Co-founder & President, from years of engaging and working with the world's best startup teams and experts

Tools to manage equity and capital raise

Make informed decisions about your equity and fundraising strategies with these tools

Options planning template

Plan how to allocate your option pool with this easy-to-use option pool planner.
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Investor CRM template

Manage the number of investors at the beginning of your planning process and streamline your raise.
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Key legal templates for issuing equity

Legal contracts you need when offering equity to your employees, advisors, and team.
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Simple startup valuation

Calculate the value of your startup with these 4 simple valuation methods. +Free spreadsheet!
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Key legal templates for capital raising

Legal contracts you needs when raising capital.
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Startup equity dilution calculator

Calculate how much an early-stage founder's equity is diluted when taking a new capital round.
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Capital raise toolkit

Every thing you need to know to prepare you for your next capital raise. Made in Notion so you can make a copy and make it your own!
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Startup equity 101

Bare trust
What is bare trust, how does it work, and how to leverage it for better equity management
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Startup equity split
How to startup split equity with co-founders, investors, advisors, and employees
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Equity grant
What is equity grant, how does it work, and the types of equity grants used to attract and retain talent
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Advisory shares
What is advisory shares, how it works, and other essential things to know about compensating startup advisors with equity
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Equity compensation
What is equity compensation, how does it work, and how startups can leverage on equity to attract and retain talent
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Stock options

Employee stock options
What is an employee stock option plan, how does it work, and how are they vested and exercised?
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Exercising stock options
Ready to exercise your stock options? We cover the essential things you need to know!
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Non-qualified stock options
What is NSO, how does it work, how is it taxed, and example NSO scenarios
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Stock options vs rsu
Understanding the key differences between stock options (NSO and ISO) vs. RSU, their use cases and features, and which one to use for your unique startup requirements
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Stock vesting
What is stock vesting, how it works, and what you need to know when vesting stock options
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Raising capital

Cap table modeling
What is cap table modeling, how to do it, and why is it crucial for startup founders
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Cap table for startups
Learn all about cap tables, including a detailed cap table example, and understand how they work for startups and investors.
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Bootstrapping vs. capital raising
Know the pros and cons of bootstrapping and capital raising and how to leverage these fundraising strategies to grow your business
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How to raise capital
Step-by-step guide to raising capital, best practices and insights from startup experts
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