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Streamline your cap table and securely plan for the future

Make informed financial decisions to efficiently scale growth.
Workflows for creating and sending equity grants
Scenario modeling and dilution analysis
Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world
Jamie Davison, Carbon Group
"I use Cake everyday and it's game-changing!"
"Whether it's issuing options to the team, paying suppliers with SAFE notes or looking after share transfers. What takes minutes with Cake would take months if had to do it the traditional way.”
— Jamie Davison, CFO at Carbon Group

Maintain a clean cap table as your team grows

Keep your cap table streamlined and clean of dead weight as you expand your team and gain more investors. Utilize Cake’s features like bare trusts and pool management to manage your constantly evolving cap table.

Global options pool
Bare trusts
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Make data-driven financial decisions

Model future scenarios and see how new investment rounds will impact ownership. Cake’s modeling and reporting tools, audit-proof valuations, and benchmark calculators to plan for the future. 

Cap table modeling and dilution analysis
Equity compensation benchmarks
Downloadable reports
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Keep transaction documents in one place

Manage equity agreements, SAFEs, convertible notes, advisory shares. No more aimless search for missing contracts. Keep all financial documents all in one place.

Equity agreements
Capital raise documents
Transaction log
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Personalized support

Our customer success team a few clicks away! Receive personalised experience and fast response time.

Dedicated Success Manager to provide personalised support and assistance
Private Slack channel with your team and ours for faster backs and forths.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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