The Carta alternative for early-stage startups looking for a simple and more affordable solution

We like Carta, and think it's a great platform for later stages who require all the bells and whistles. But, if you're early stage and looking for a simple, easy to use platform without all the complexity, jump on to Cake and experience the difference. Get your contracts setup in minutes and motivate your team in real time. Oh, did we mention we're free to get started?

Cake vs Carta

Stop paying more to grow your business. Cake lets you get set up for free in minutes without a credit card.

See what Cake can do for you

Flexible contracts & agreements

Use our stock option or capital raising agreements, edit them, or bring your own. Even easily add contracts from your attorney. It's super flexible to save you time and money.

Fast onboarding

Get set up yourself in minutes, or we'll help you import your existing cap table for free. We onboard most companies in less than one day with dedicated help from our Cake experts. With Carta, onboarding can take up to 90 days to complete.

Transparent pricing

Know what you're getting, and for how much. Our prices are published on our site with no hidden fees or upsells. If you want to find out how much Carta will cost, you'll have to talk to a sales rep and be prepared for add-on fees for some features (e.g., scenario modeling, exit modeling).

Global-first product

Cake is the only equity management software with a truly global focus, working with partners to deliver a localised experience, making sharing equity with remote teams a breeze.

Customer support

All stakeholders (employees, investors, etc.) have free access to our Cake support team with every plan across multiple channels. With Carta, customer support is an add-on cost and only included for top tiers. Carta's support access is limited to a single channel and primary self-service.

Cap table management

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and say hello to a single source of truth. Add shareholders, issue share certificates, execute share transfers and more.


Cake clearly displays all up-to-date cap table data for you in the dashboard, no manual calculations needed. Carta cap table data may require manual calculations to get the information you need, such as how many options have been exercised in your stock plan.

Share certificates

Issue certificates right from the app

Electronically send and sign raise agreements

Enable shareholders to keep track of their portfolio and company-related communication, receive updates, and download holding statements

Contracts and legal workflows

We've built the contracts and legal workflows right into the cap table making it simpler and faster for startups to use their equity.

Board approvals

Creating and track board actions right in the platform.

Hear what startup founders and leaders around the world are saying about Cake

We spent thousands and thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep all this information current in the last system and that was just on top of how much it already costs for just the subscription of the last system. It's so much easier to do it on Cake.
President & Co-founder, Xeni
We’re trying to issue options out to 150 people every year, we had that through spreadsheets and a Word document merged into PDFs. And then trying to get people's signatures and just all of the admin around that -- who's signed, who hasn't signed, trying to keep track. With Cake, all that confusion is a thing of the past.
COO/CFO of Fluent Commerce
The cap table that we have in Cake is our source of truth. That's the tool that we use on a day-to-day basis. At Vow, every employee receives an option grant, and Cake becomes a very easy one-stop shop where we can go and because we have the day-to-day processes in place, then we can very easily go and download what the cap table looks like.
COO of Vow
I just found it so easy to just log in, click a couple of buttons, send the email to my employees, they sign it, and then it (stock options) is sorted. It's nice when I onboard someone, log in, send them a link and it's sorted very quickly.
Ajay Prakash
CEO of Entry Level
Issuing stock options sounds bloody complex so it’s good to be able to simplify it. Thanks for a genuinely great product that helps make what we do easier. Really appreciative of it.
Michael Fox
Founder & CEO, Fable Food

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!