The Carta alternative for scaling startups looking for a simple and more affordable solution

We like Carta and think it's a great platform for later stage companies who require all the bells and whistles. But, if you're in your early and growth stages and looking for a simple, easy to use platform without all the complexity, jump on to Cake and experience the difference. Get your contracts setup in minutes and motivate your team in real time.

Can't decide between Cake and Carta?

Don't take it from us, take it from Cake users and former Carta users who made the shift!

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"Cake is what Carta should be."

"Cake is what Carta should be. It's easy to use, no need to speak to a representative every five minutes and the support actually gets stuff done.

One example is that when you have an issue with Carta, you need to call them and it gets escalated to multiple people and it takes *days* to get stuff done. With Cake, I have access to my own representative, I can book meetings with them when I want and they get things done within hours.

And the price: Cake is 10% of the price of Carta."
JULIEN D, Founder and CEO
5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating

"I prefer using Cake to Carta."

"Easy to use platform. Responsive team. Good price. I prefer using cake to carta, it has a simpler ui and easier to use for what we do. Since moving to cake I find it really easy to manage esop and investors"
BEN H, Small Business
5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating

"Saved us hours. Streamlined the entire process."

"Saved us hours of back and forth with lawyers. Streamlined the entire process and we can issue esop in minutes to our employees."
ALEX M, CEO at Hudled
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"The best platform for managing equity and stock options for startups."

"Templated agreements, easy-to-digest dashboards and simple communication methods make issuing stock, offering options and managing shareholders simple. Also, there is excellent chat-based support from real people!
SHARON H, Chief Technology Officer
5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating

"Solid functionality and a super responsive team."

"Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed as a startup getting off the ground with an equity raise and an employee ESOP for the first time. Since then, it's grown alongside us and the feature set has developed. We've always gotten great support from the team as well!

We need a system to manage our cap table that doesn't involve trying to manually do spreadsheet math. I can't even imagine how we'd do what Cake does manually... it's a clear time saver."
GAVIN B, Chief Executive Officer
5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating5-star rating

"The feedback from my startup network is consistent. Cake is easier to use than its competitors."

"I've been using Cake for 3 years and have referred numerous startups to the platform.

The platform is set up to service founders from all regions globally. It does two things amazingly well. 1. you don't need anything else as a cap table management solution. 2. it is hands down the best tool I have seen to launch a global employee option program. It also has other nifty features like shareholder reporting, a feature which my investors love."

I wish all startups invest in Cake. It is a no-brainer for founders that want to impress investors in a seed round of funding."
CHRIS G, Co-founder

Migrating from Carta to Cake is, well, a piece of cake!

We have heaps of experience migrating companies from one registry provider to another. We will handle the transfer of your existing cap table from Carta to Cake at no additional cost! 


Create your account

Sign up for a Cake account if you don't have one already. Get started now


Export docs from Carta

Generate your cap table, reports, and other docs from your Carta account. Don't know where to find these? Here's a more detailed step-by-step guide


Upload docs to Cake

Find a "Let Cake Set You Up!" feature in your dashboard, follow the prompt, submit your documents, and our team will onboard you fast and easy!
Once the upload is done, our Customer Success team will schedule a quick 'Power Up' call with you to ensure a smooth transition and run through everything in more detail. Migration complete! It's that simple!

Cake vs Carta

You don't have to pay for complicated features you don't need.

Powerful contract engine

Set up equity plans, send offer, and arrange digital signing in minutes. Use our stock option or capital raising agreements, edit them, or upload your own. Even easily add contracts from your attorney. We made it flexible to save you time and money.

"It's nice when I onboard someone, it's so easy to just log in, click a couple of buttons, send the email to my employees, they sign it, and then it (stock options) is sorted!"
AJAY PRAKASH, Founder & CEO, EntryLevel

Startup-friendly pricing

Free to start (no credit card required) and with paid plans that scale lower than Carta to better match our customer's needs.
Set up a SAFE round or stock option plans using ready-made templates, saving thousands in legal fees!

"We spent thousands and thousands of dollars on lawyers to keep all this information current in the last system and that was just on top of how much it already costs for just the subscription of the last system. It's so much easier to do it on Cake."
RACHEL OBENSHAIN, President & Co-founder, Xeni

Hands-on customer support

Cake is easy to setup on your own but if you ever get stuck, rest assured we're not just going to send you video tutorials! Our customer success team is committed to helping you get onboarded and support you throughout your startup journey.

"Shannon has been amazing in terms of being hands-on and really helping us to actually get it up and running."
DARIUS COVENEY, COO/CFO of Fluent Commerce
Shannon Griffin

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a transfer agent to offboard from Carta?

No. Transfer agents are only needed to transfer equity, not change solution providers. We do have transfer agent partners if you ever need them! Read this to know more.

Will you help me migrate my data across for free?

Yes. Just send us your cap table and our amazing customer success team will handle it all for you! Our customers rave about how easy and helpful this process is.

How long will it take to migrate data?

We can get this done in 2-5 days. Reach out and rest assured, we have a team of experts ready to help you get onboarded easy!

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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5-star Rating