SafeS & Convertible Notes

Streamline your capital raise

Get access to fast SAFE & convertible note legal agreements. Use e-signing and communicate with your investors all in one platform.
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Capital raise, simplified

cap table as a single source of truth

Secure source of truth

Store and organize capital raise documents, share folders and send out offers to investors.

Fast SAFE agreements

Use best practice SAFE legal agreements and use our legal workflows to simplify the process and send out offers.
equity management, digital contract signing

Get offers out & signed

Send out the offer, get signatures returned online and track your raise progress in real time on your dashboard.

Simplify your raise admin

Forget paying expensive legal fees and switching between spreadsheets, email and documents. We won't find the investors for you, but we make the process a lot easier and less costly. Put your best foot forward with a clean cap table, standardised templates, document sharing, e-signing and more!

Simplify legals, close your round

Close your Pre-seed, Seed, or Series A in half the time. Our legal workflows integrate with our equity management platform, automating the process. We issue share certificates through our app and automatically update your Cap Table in real time.

Keep everyone up to date
Get notified about comments and  status updates
Access a network of trusted legal and compliance partners

Stakeholder & investor app

Give your investors the ability to view and manage their shares through the investor app.

Easily administer stocks
Issue share certificates
Send communications in real-time

Close your pre-seed, seed, or series A in half the time. Start free with Cake today.

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