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Equity, the secret to a winning culture

Motivate your biggest asset—your employees. Cake’s employee app is designed to help startups leverage equity to empower teams to achieve goals together.
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5-star Rating

Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world

"I lean greatly on Cake Equity to understand what my equity is worth now and what it could be in the future."
"When I drive new business for our company, I feel that it impacts me and my family's future upside, and not just the C-suite or the board. This is my business, just as it's the CEO's business. Although I may not have started the business, I now have a share in it. I lean greatly on Cake Equity to understand what my equity is worth now and what it could be in the future if we IPO.”
JUSTIN WILLIAMES, Head of CRM at Linktree

Team motivation platform for startups

Fast onboarding

Easy setup, one-click invite, and digital contract signing powered by Docusign.

Access control

Manage what your team can see, be transparent while keeping your cap table separate.

Secure comms

Automate vesting notifications and share company news and equity updates securely.

Intuitive dashboard

Provide access to equity calculators, resources, contracts, exit goals, all in one place.

Motivate your team with equity ownership

Set your employees up for success with powerful equity management tools and a meaningful employee experience


Make equity fun and inspiring, from grant to exit

Don’t leave your team’s equity grants forgotten in Google Drive. From offer to exit, keep equity top of mind, accessible, and easy to understand.

Project Tracking Image
Project Tracking Image


Demystify equity and communicate its value

Education and communication are critical to making equity motivating and meaningful. Our tools and knowledge center empower employees to understand their equity, its value, and how it works.


Align company mission with employees' personal goals

With Cake, employees can keep their dream goals top of mind, tracking them alongside the estimated value of their equity. Users can enter their equity outcome goal such as home, car, college fund, and visualise their progress over time.

Project Tracking Image
Project Tracking Image


Safe and secure space for both employers and teams

The employee app is separate from the cap table, ensuring that your employees can only see what matters to them. Easily manage roles and permissions, and set up secure access (2FA) for good measure.

Team motivation, redefined

The real value of equity does not stop at signing the offer letter. It keeps going throughout the employee lifecycle.
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