Create a winning culture through equity ownership

Connect your startup team to the value of their stock options, in real time. Issue and manage legally built and fully compliant contracts and agreements in your country, or globally, in a matter of seconds.

After all, equity should be a piece of Cake! 🍰
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stock options

Handle your equity and stock options in minutes

Step away from spreadsheets, streamline your cap table, employee equity. Over 50 countries covered.

Choose a percentage you'd like to share
Easily distribute options among your employees
Send out offers and get contracts signed right in the platform

Attract, retain, and motivate your team with equity, in real time

Adding equity into hiring processes takes seconds. Create stock options or share plans, setup automatic vesting, motivate and reward your team for their work. Easily communicate the value with your team to improve culture, engagement and retention.

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Cake is secure, fast, reliable

set up employee stock options

Set up employee
stock options

Quality equity plans for over 50 countries (incl. US, UK, SG, AU and more) give startups an edge in hiring and retaining the best teams. Cake allows employee equity offers to be easily understood, and aligned to company goals. Startups can create a culture of shared ownership and success that creates meaningful value in team culture, and wealth.
communicate to your team and shareholders

Communicate to your team and shareholders

Easily communicate value with your team to improve engagement and retention. Save time and money on your legal work. We have over 50 countries covered. Valuations are sorted, wherever you need them. Plus automated vesting, exercising and reporting gives peace of mind.

Automate grant

Compliantly issue and manage employee equity for employees and contractors in over 50 countries. Automated reporting keeps records up to date and with peace of mind. Valuations are sorted, wherever you need them. World class cloud based infrastructure keeps your data secure.

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I just found it so easy to just log in, click a couple of buttons, send the email to my employees, they sign it, and then it’s sorted. It's nice when I onboard someone, log in, send them a link and it's sorted very quickly.
Ajay Prakash
CEO of Entry Level
We’re trying to issue options out to 150 people every year, we had that through spreadsheets and a Word document merged into PDFs. And then trying to get people's signatures and just all of the admin around that -- who's signed, who hasn't signed, trying to keep track. With Cake, all that confusion is a thing of the past.
COO/CFO of Fluent Commerce
It (issuing options) sounds bloody complex so it’s good to be able to simplify it. Thanks for a genuinely great product that helps make what we do easier. Really appreciative of it.
Michael Fox
Founder & CEO, Fable Food

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!