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"Cake Pro has made our lives so much easier!"
"The ability to split our ESOP pool by region and therefore streamline the offer process is an exciting update, and I could not be more grateful for the 1:1 support provided by the team. It really has been a game changer for us!"
— Rach Matters, Legal & People Operations at Linktree

Built to scale, minus the complexity

Powerful tools that take your team from startup to scaleup

Bare trust management made simple

Manage your growing number of shareholders with bare trusts. Ensure that your constantly evolving cap table is clean and compliant, without the admin overhead.

Easily create and configure bare trusts
Manage transfers and changes in ownership in a few clicks
Automate documentation and maintain clear records of changes in ownership, vesting, and profits made from the trust
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Global options pool management

For globally distributed companies with a large number of offers, Cake allows you to quickly manage all your option pools together in one, or grouped according to country.

Flexible grouping by country or multiple countries
A single source of truth for all option pools
Easily add new countries as your team expands
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Real-time change reporting

Generate option register reports as of a specific date showing the holdings, vested, exercised and lapsed options.

See your cap table at any date in time
Compare change in ownership over time
Easy download reports
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Premium support

Our customer success team a few clicks away! Receive personalised experience and fast response time.

Dedicated Success Manager to provide personalised support and assistance
Private Slack channel with your team and ours for faster backs and forths.
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Fast-track your growth with global equity

Manage a globally distributed team and a constantly evolving cap table with the equity operating system that scales with you.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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