Simplify legal and admin workflows

Make informed financial decisions to efficiently scale growth.
Create workflows to manage multiple equity grants
Systematize reporting & shareholder comms
Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world
"The platform is straightforward and intuitive!"
"The platform is straightforward and intuitive, making ESOP and cap table management much easier. And the Customer Success team provides exceptional support!"
ARYAN MOTEVALI, Business Operations at Inventia Life Science

Automate your equity offers with ease

Lessen data entry and admin work by automating your equity management. Create and send equity agreements to multiple recipients with ease. Customize our built-in templates or bring your own, whatever works best for you.

Digital signing and status alerts
Keep all of your contracts in one place
Download agreements
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Systematize reporting and communications

Manage shareholder communications and reporting systematically, no need for messy and error-prone spreadsheets!

Investor portfolio view
Employee team app
Real time vesting notifications
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Stay compliant anywhere in the world

Make option offers customised specifically to the recipient’s location. Get legal templates designed to allow cross-border option offers by local legal experts.

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Personalized support

Our customer success team a few clicks away! Receive personalised experience and fast response time.

Dedicated Success Manager to provide personalised support and assistance
Private Slack channel with your team and ours for faster backs and forths.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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