Incentivize your team with stock options

Works for employees, advisors and more
Best practice offer letters & plan rules are built in or BYO
E-signing and real-time vesting notifications
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stock options for startups

Set up your ESOP and start send offers in just a few clicks

You control who sees what

Customize your vesting

Benchmark your offer with industry leading equity data

Offer best practice equity incentives to your team

Setup an equity incentive plan and send an offer in minutes. Cake is built on best practice standards and for busy founders and executives, with a focus on team ownership. It's how we motivate our own team!

"I've heard so many stories of employees not getting their ESOP… I just want to get that sorted. And so it's very nice when I onboard someone, log-in Cake, send them a link and it's sorted very quickly."
Ajay Prakash 
Founder & CEO of EntryLevel
Cake Equity, equity management software for startups
employee and investor porftolio app

Dedicated team app for your employees and advisors

Cake makes equity easy to understand, fun and inspiring for your team, through a Portfolio view & vesting notifications. You manage what your team can see. Ensuring your team values their equity and doesn't leave it in a drawer.

Vesting notifications, celebrating wins!
Employee calculator — understand how much my equity could be worth?
In your team's pocket. Built for mobile

Add-on countries as you scale

Cake is global from day 1. Want to give equity to your teams or employees overseas? Cake has partnered with the best startup lawyers in each country. Finding a lawyer is easy, finding the ones who understand equity cross border is not. Don't worry, we've done the work for you. Just add on countries and get your global team equity when ready.

Country-specific legal templates designed to allow cross-border option offers
Configured to work with your existing agreements
global equity management platform

🍰 The team motivation platform

equity management, digital contract signing
Digital signing, built-in
Send offers for digital signing through the team portfolio app. Add witnesses, works on mobile, all inclusive.
equity management platform, vesting schedules
Standard or custom vesting
Use best practice standard vesting schedules or go custom with cliffs, time based vesting or milestones.
equity management, digital offer letter and legal contracts
Powerful contract engine
BYO existing option plan legal documents and automate your workflow with Cake’s contract engine or use ours.

Stock option management software

Attract & retain top talent with stock options

Offer stock options to employees, advisors, and investors anywhere in the world. Automate equity agreements, digital signing, and vesting notifications like a piece of cake!

Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world

"Cake makes issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple."
"Cake Equity makes issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple. It is particularly useful for startups with a global workforce. It is also great for planning and visualising the impact of capital raises on a business."
— SHARON HUNNEYBELL, Co-founder at The Gold Coast Innovation Hub

The stock option management software for fast growing startups

Fast and easy setup

Set up and configure your stock option plans without a hitch. Start sending offers to your team members in just a few clicks.

Approved by lawyers

Use Cake's library of equity agreement templates. Approved by lawyers and compliance experts around the world.

Automated workflows

Automate your stock option management, digital contract signing, vesting schedules, notifications, and more.

Global teams

Don't let location keep you from hiring world-class talent. Offer global equity from day one, or add countries as you scale.

10x your productivity with a dynamic, accurate, and up-to-date cap table

Cake turns your cap table to a powerful asset to help you effectively raise funds, save money and hours of back and forts with lawyers, and 10x your productivity.

Rest easy and leave the complicated cap table math to equity experts
Save time with equity workflows and legal admin on automation
Delight stakeholders with a clean cap table and transparent communication

Celebrate wins, make equity fun and inspiring

We’ve worked with thousands of founders, VCs, and lawyers globally to build a platform that makes it easy for startups around the world to leverage the power of equity.

Maintain compliance, globally
Access our network of the best startup equity experts and legal partners

Making equity management a piece of cake! 🍰

Our team is passionate about removing complexity out of equity management. Our range of tools are designed to make it simple for startups to launch and easy to build on as you scale.

Motivating teams with equity doesn't have to be complex. Start free with Cake today.

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