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Hire, retain, and motivate top talent with stock options

Offer stock options to employees, advisors, and investors anywhere in the world. Automate equity agreements, digital signing, and vesting notifications like a piece of cake!

Trusted by the fastest growing companies around the world

"Cake makes issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple."
"Cake Equity makes issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple. It is particularly useful for startups with a global workforce. It is also great for planning and visualising the impact of capital raises on a business."
— SHARON HUNNEYBELL, Co-founder at The Gold Coast Innovation Hub

The stock option management software for fast growing startups

Fast and easy setup

Start sending offers to your team members in just a few clicks.

Approved by lawyers

Approved by startup lawyers and compliance experts around the world.

Automated workflows

Stock option offers and digital contract signing on autopilot.

Global teams

Offer stock options globally, and add countries as you scale.

10x your productivity with automated stock option management

Offering stock options doesn't have to be daunting! Cake automates your stock option program so you can focus on building your dream team and growing your business.

Be more efficient with equity workflows and legal admin on autopilot
Save time and money with best practice stock option letters and agreement templates
Efficient onboarding and digital contract signing

Celebrate wins as a team, make equity fun & inspiring

Cake makes stock options easy to understand, fun and inspiring for your team, through a dedicated team app. Easily communicate to them the value of their equity.

Let your team know how much their equity could be worth with Cake's equity calculator
Educate them with expert resources
Vesting notifications on autopilot

Making equity management a piece of cake! 🍰

Our team is passionate about removing complexity out of equity management. Our range of tools are designed to make it simple for startups to launch and easy to build on as you scale.

Motivating teams with equity doesn't have to be complex. Start free with Cake today.

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