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Cap table management software for startups

Manage your equity, investors and communications

Take control with a clear and up-to-date cap table for smart equity decisions, successful fundraising, and avoiding legal and financial issues. Cake is built for startups like you and we're with you on the journey, every step of the way.

"The cap table that we have in Cake is our source of truth. That's the tool that we use on a day-to-day basis. At Vow, every employee receives an option grant... Cake becomes a very easy one-stop shop where we can go and because we have the day-to-day processes in place, then we can very easily go and download what the cap table looks like.
Ellen Dinsmoor, COO of Vow
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cap table as a single source of truth
Single source of truth
Store and manage documents, share folders with shareholders and set permissions for lawyers, accounts etc.
cap table transparency and modeling
Transparent always
Use the Company dashboard and model out scenarios of future changes to your cap table.
cap table tools, share certificates, and investor and shareholder communication
Powerful tools
Issue share certificates, use modelling, send company-related communications to shareholders.

Maintain accuracy, take the best practices and scale 

Secure source of truth

Maintain compliance
Add on valuations 409A, HMRC, NTA through our best startup industry contacts, in a matter of clicks
Get customer support in real-time
cap table management software for startups

The best cap tables do the legwork for you

We’re bringing equity best practices to founders everywhere with the perfect blend of accreditation, automation and professional advice.

We’ve worked with thousands of founders, VCs, and lawyers globally to build a platform that makes it easy for startups everywhere to make the most of their equity.

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