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Gavin B.

"Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed as a startup getting off the ground with an equity raise and an employee ESOP for the first time. Since then, it's grown alongside us and the feature set has developed. We've always gotten great support from the team as well!"

Michael F.

CEO at Fable Food
"It's a really awesome tool for managing all of our cap table admin. I co-founded Shoes of Prey 15 years ago and we had to do all this stuff manually. It was time-consuming and painful to do. For Fable we use Cake Equity and genuinely love the product. It just simplifies all of this so much."

Jamie D.

CFO at Carbon
"Cake is absolutely amazing. I use it everyday and is game-changing. Whether it's issuing options to the team, paying suppliers with SAFE notes or looking after share transfers. What takes minutes with Cake would take months if had to do it the traditional way, whilst also be costly involving different legal advisors, etc."

Chris G.

"The feedback from my startup network is consistent. Cake is cheaper and easier to use than its competitors. The platform is set up to service founders from all regions globally. It does two things amazingly well. 1. you don't need anything else as a cap table management solution. 2. it is hands down the best tool I have seen to launch a global employee option program. It also has other nifty features like shareholder reporting, a feature which my investors love."

David K.

"Easy to use, great modelling for analysis, and employee user experience is engaging, not a chore. Some great content to share with stakeholders."

Dren X.

"Love the simplicity in handling all equity and stock options"

Julien D.

"Cake is what Carta should be. It's easy to use, no need to speak to a representative every five minutes and the support actually gets stuff done. One example is that when you have an issue with Carta, you need to call them and it gets escalated to multiple people and it takes *days* to get stuff done. With Cake, I have access to my own representative, I can book meetings with them when I want and they get things done within hours."


"Cake gets two things right: the software, and the service. Managing our cap table, investors and share certificates (as well as transferring shares) is super easy to do, visual, and it just makes sense. I used to dread digging through ASIC's dozens of portals with cryptographic logins and incomprehensible menus just to remember (or update) our company shareholders. With Cake, it's simple, and it makes managing your cap table a breeze for all parties to see. Service and onboarding is stellar."

Sharon H.

"Cake Equity makes the issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple. It is particularly useful for startups with a global workforce. It is also great for planning and visualising the impact of capital raises on a business."

Vinko G.

Head of Ops / Angel investor
"Their product makes a breeze out of managing private venture cap tables, issuing & managing ESOP (employee share scheme), and managing/updating investors with certificates, updates, etc. Additionally, their team is incredible, always my (and others) go-to on startup topics like raising, ESOP and anything equity-based. They are responsible & super attentive."

Edwin C.

Founder at Lorem
"The simplicity of the layout is fantastic and the support I've received from Shannon in particular in their Customer Success team has been outstanding!"

Scott F.

"Tracking equity for startups is very complex. Cake's tools make it easier. This is helpful for employers and employees, plus a lot cheaper than using lawyers and easier than using spreadsheets."

Alexander M.

"Saved us hours of back and forth with lawyers. Streamlined the entire process and we can issue esop in minutes to our employees"

Cheryl M.

Angel investor
"Cake Equity is super easy to use, and managing my cap table is pretty easy on an ongoing basis. Also, I like the ability to keep investors updated. The team is also super helpful."


"We have 27 shareholders. Cake allows me as a founder and startup CEO to quickly and easily communicate all shareholder-related info, as well as effortlessly manage cap table, get docs signed and more."


"Incredible product, really easy to use with nothing comparable in the market for cap table management and raising. Great customer service to walk you through every single step of the process and incredibly helpful, couldn't imagine raising without it."


CFO at Fluent Commerca
"It's been a pleasure working with you Shannon. As well as Alex and the rest of the team. We tried a competitor first and it didn't work out, but working with you guys it has given us a seamless setup and our global employees (and shareholders) now have visibility of their ownership in the Fluent rocketship 🚀... thanks again for such a great onboarding experience!!"

Adam O.

Co-founder @ The Good Neighbour
"I like using Cake Equity, they make it super simple to create equity in an idea. Even giving flexibility for creating different classes of shares/options. Thanks for doing what you guys do!!"

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