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Incredibly impressed!

Startups, if you haven't looked into it, check out Cake Equity. Amazing product offerings around equity & cap table management that will save you thousands of dollars and hours of time versus lawyers.

Soroush Pour
Founder & AI Researcher
AI Safety & Security Company

Top-notch innovation, user-friendly, a must-have!

Anna Khomaziuk
Competitive price!

Has all the functionality of the big players but much more competitive on price.

John Ferlito
Co-Founder & CTO
Great for our startups with global teams!

As an investor, super helpful to log in and have a number of our portfolio companies using Cake - keeps our ownership clear and documentation all in one place! Great for our startups with global teams to have their employees equity in Cake seamlessly and a great motivator for their teams! Love this product!

Taryn Pieterse
Great product!!!

I am a Cake customer and we have been very happy with the product and customer service. It made it easy to get our startup's shares issued and compliant.

Eric Shuss
Armanino LLP
A big fan of Cake's mission!

Congrats @jason_atkins and team! Been a big fan of Cake's mission from the beginning so it's fantastic to see how far you've come with the platform. Definitely a community-driven product.

Anfernee Chansamooth
Authentic Marketer
Fractional CMO
Amazing tool!

It is absolutely amazing tool to boost organization and create a positive vibe within a team! So cool design, great features and very intuitive interface! Big congratulations on the launch and thank you for providing such a great tool to the community!

Maria Bramasole
Digital Marketing Manager
Best equity management product!

One of the best equity management products out there!

Owen Bowling
Co-Founder & CEO
Coach Welly
Cake is revolutionary!

Love the team, love the tech, love the movement. Cake has revolutionized our cap table management and our team equity. It's keeping the fuel on the fire as we push to global domination. Thank you Cake!!!!

Kirk Reynoldson
Founder & Co-CEO
It makes everything a piece of cake for startups

It makes managing equity, employee shares, captable and valuation a piece of cake for startups. A smart team doing clever things; watch this crew, they are on a mission.

Eden Shirley
Co-Founder & Managing Director
Awesome contributors to the startup ecosystem!

I've known the team from Cake for years and they are awesome contributors to the startup ecosystem. They want startups to succeed. I know dozens of startups that use Cake and I have actively referred them for a long time. I invested in one of their early seed rounds and our new startup Sequential uses Cake to manage our ESOP and Cap Table.

Luke Howes
I am a big Cake fan!

Congrats @jason_atkins and the Cake team! I am a big Cake fan - have used the product for some time now and makes life a whole lot easier in the equity management department. Kudos!!!

Gabriella Sprott
Co-Founder & Director
ShowMe Exchange
Customer support is second to none!

The problem solved by Cake Equity is issuing ESOP to employees in multiple countries. Cake makes the legal process bearable without costing an arm and a leg in legal fees.

Ben Yi
Data Scientist
Focus and Locus
Amazing experience! Love Cake!

Used by numerous startups I'm involved with. Amazing experience both from startup and investor side of the coin. They also have a HEAP of amazing free resources on their website across all things equity.

Oliver Bazzani
Mentor & Investor
Cake is not just a brilliant product!

Not just a brilliant product, these guys are walking the walk by developing the kind of work-to-live culture that makes Australia such a unique place to build. Kim and Jason are proud dads who showed me balance is achievable by organising free yoga lessons and literally dragging me outside for a surf during our first meeting, something I'll be forever grateful for.

Murray Galbraith
Highly recommended!

Easy to implement. Rapid product development and responsive team. Recommend!

Alex Millar
Co-Founder & CEO
They're killing it in Australia!

I don't usually comment on product hunt posts, but I've been waiting for Cake to post for so long! They're killing it in Australia, and I don't know a serious startup that isn't using them. It's exhilarating to see that they are now scaling internationally.

Cameron Schroeder
Founder & CEO
Cake is what Carta should be

Cake is what Carta should be. It's easy to use, no need to speak to a representative every five minutes and the support actually gets stuff done.

One example is that when you have an issue with Carta, you need to call them and it gets escalated to multiple people and it takes *days* to get stuff done. With Cake, I have access to my own representative, I can book meetings with them when I want and they get things done within hours.

And the price: Cake is 10% of the price of Carta.

Julien Delange
Co-Founder & CEO
Great modelling for analysis!

Easy to use, great modelling for analysis, and employee user experience is engaging, not a chore. Some great content to share with stakeholders.

Eliminating repetitive tasks and having a single source of truth for vesting and strike prices.

David Kenney
Podcast Host
Sanity Check
Streamlined my ESOP!

Saved us hours of back and forth with lawyers. Streamlined the entire process and we can issue esop in minutes to our employees.

Alexander Millar
Co-Founder & CEO
I have been using Cake for 3 years and have referred numeorus startups to the platform.

The feedback from my startup network is consistent. Cake is cheaper and easier to use than its competitors.

The platform is set up to service founders from all regions globally. It does two things amazingly well. 1. you don't need anything else as a cap table management solution. 2. it is hands down the best tool I have seen to launch a global employee option program.

It also has other nifty features like shareholder reporting, a feature which my investors love.

Chris Gilbert
Stealth Startup
Best ESOP and Cap Table platform, and fantastic support

The platform is straightforward and intuitive, making ESOP and Cap Table management much easier. Throughout the last 6 months that we've been using it, I've also seen so many rapid improvements/new features that have made the platform even better!

The Customer Success team (in our case Shannon) provides exceptional support!

Aryan Motevali
Operations Associate
Inventia Life Science
I wish I had Cake for my last 3 startups

The time, cost and hassle that is removed using Cake is a gamechanger for investor funded ventures. The team regularly updates the platform and the service is impeccable.

Dealing with equity management, capital raisings, options issues and vesting. It is largely about reducing the time and cost to manage all these properly. It also is making our equity work better for us by better connecting the option or equity holders to their investment/holding

Vincent Turner
UNO Home Loans
Cake is absolutely amazing!

I use it everyday and is game changing. Whether it's issuing options to the team, paying suppliers with SAFE notes or looking after share transfers. What takes minutes with Cake would take months if had to do it the traditional way, whilst also be costly involving different legal advisors, etc.

Cake provides transparency to all stakeholders so they can see in real-time what their options / equity is worth, how much they own and access to company announcements.

Through its contract engine it also makes signing documents a breeze.

Jamie Davison
CFO & Director
Yappy Group
Cake makes cap tables, ESOP & investor updates simple

Their product makes a breeze out of managing private venture cap tables, issuing & managing ESOP (employee share scheme), and managing / updating investors with certificates, updates, etc. Additionally their team is incredible, always my (and others) go-to on startups topics like raising, ESOP and anything equity based. They are responsible & super attentive.

I mostly use Cake as an angel investor. I find their platform by far the absolute easiest place to manage all my investments, certificates, see updates, latest rounds & cap tables etc.

Vinko Grgić
Head of Ops
Angel Investor
Simplifies otherwise complex parts of running a startup

It's a really awesome tool for managing all of our cap table admin. I co-founded Shoes of Prey 15 years ago and we had to do all this stuff manually. It was time-consuming and painful to do. For Fable we use Cake Equity and genuinely love the product. It just simplifies all of this so much.

Michael Fox
Chief Executive Officer
The best platform for managing equity and stock options for startups

Cake Equity makes the issuing of shares and the setup and offering of ESOP agreements to staff simple. It is particularly useful for startups with a global workforce. It is also great for planning and visualising the impact of capital raises on a business.

Sharon Hunneybell
Chief Technology Officer
Frethan Technology
Solid functionality and a super responsive team!

Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed as a startup getting off the ground with an equity raise and an employee ESOP for the first time. Since then, it's grown alongside us and the feature set has developed.

We've always gotten great support from the team as well!

We need a system to manage our cap table that doesn't involve trying to manually do spreadsheet math. I can't even imagine how we'd do what Cake does manually... it's a clear time saver.

Gavin Ballard
Disco Labs

Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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