"Things just got simpler for us when we joined Cake."

Paul Mead, GeoNadir

"Things just got simpler for us when we joined Cake."

Paul Mead, GeoNadir

GeoNadir is a platform that helps drone pilots store, process, and share their drone mapping images. It aims to provide a data-rich solution for quantifying environmental trends over time and space, which can support data-driven decisions for environmental policy and management. The platform focuses on Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable (FAIR) drone data and provides free hosting and basic data processing services. It also connects scientists and drone pilots and provides automated knowledge as a service to government and corporate organizations. Today, they have 400,000 drone mapping data images on the platform from 48 countries.

GeoNadir Co-Founder Paul Mead is a leader and entrepreneur with a passion for STEM education and the use of drones to make an impact on the world. He is a Chartered Manager with the Institute of Managers and Leaders, a recognition of the highest status for a manager or leader globally. Mead is also a Co-Founder of She Maps, a STEM education social enterprise that uses drones to engage students, especially girls and underrepresented groups, and encourage diversity in the STEM workforce.

Number of Employess
1 - 10
Queensland, Australia

Building a global team

An Australian based team, GeoNadir was able to find Nepalese partners in the Philippines back in 2020. This team was also working with drones in Nepal designing technical solutions and transporting medical supplies to remote villages. They understood each other when it came to geospatial data and this led to the expansion of the GeoNadir team.

When it came to building that international team, Mead says, “I think that was probably the most important thing–having that relationship built through trust.” And with that trust meant bringing the team along challenges and successes. Adding more members to the team also means they received ESOP, something Cake can easily manage on a global scale. After all, Cake founder Jason Atkins says, “I think good founders don't want to keep all the success to themselves.”

How has Cake helped

When it came to managing their equity plan, it was a no brainer for Mead and his team to use Cake for the job. After realizing it was going to be difficult to go about it without a platform that’s built for it, they found Cake at a Slack channel. It was an affordable option that was sure to make things easier for them. Upon using Cake, things just couldn’t be simpler for the company. Mead says, “With your team's expertise, it's just going to be set up in a way that makes it simple for me and it gives investors confidence that we're sorted in that space.”

What’s your favorite thing about Cake?

For Mead, it’s a given that Cake’s platform is its highlight. But more than that, he appreciates the support that’s provided around it. He says, “Whether that’s the Slack channel community that I'm part of, down to the team members like Shannon, [it’s] been amazing. I need some help with my pain point here, and she dissolves it. That's what you're looking for.”

At Cake, we value helping founders by taking weight off their shoulders. By simplifying tasks for them, they have more time and energy to focus on developing their team and doing more. Atkins says, “The reason we made Cake was to help founders raise more, have better stock option plans to take some work off their plate so they could change the world. That's our purpose.”

Always celebrating the wins

At GeoNadir, working all over the globe means remembering each other. To foster that creative healthy lifestyle within the company, no matter where they are physically located, they remember to celebrate wins. Mead says, “It would be really easy to forget to celebrate. So that's what we try to do is celebrate our wins, even if they're small wins–even if it's the Nepal team winning the local football competition! Things that help to build a culture of remote and hybrid teams is something you still have to remember to celebrate.”

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