Simple equity management for fast-growing startups

Fast track your growth with Cake's cap table, equity grant templates, and scalable equity solutions. Offer equity, simulate raises, and manage shareholders anywhere in the world.
Offer equity in minutes
Keep cap table clean
Motivate your team
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Automate equity admin so you can focus on growing your company

Operationalize your equity management. Make it easy for your team to issue and manage equity grants.

Set up repeatable workflows. Lessen data entry and admin work and save yourself the hassle of manual errors.
Digitized agreement contracts. Don't let investors and employees wait. Generate equity agreements in minutes.
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Grow a passionate and highly motivated team

Cake makes equity easy to understand, fun and inspiring through a team portfolio app & vesting notifications. Ensure your team values their equity and doesn't leave it in a drawer.

Employee calculator. Let them see how much could their equity could be worth, in real time.
Simple and transparent dashboard. Manage what your team can see, show them what matters to them and leave out the rest!
Built for mobile. Team app in your pocket, anywhere your team members are in the world.
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Attract and retain top talent with employee stock options

Adding equity into hiring processes takes seconds. Create stock options or share plans, setup automatic vesting, easily communicate the value of their options with our stock option calculator.

employee equity stock options

Simplified solutions for the most complex startup problems

Dynamic cap table management

Leverage the power of an updated, accurate, and clean cap table. Use Cake's advanced features to help you manage your growing number of shareholders, investors, and stock option holders.

"The cap table that we have in Cake is our source of truth. It's a tool that we use on a day-to-day basis."
COO of Vow

Simplified global equity plans

Offer equity grant to your team, anywhere in the world. Easily design your equity plans, configure vesting conditions, and stay compliant.

"Issuing stock options sounds bloody complex so it’s good to be able to simplify it. Thanks for a genuinely great product that helps make what we do easier."
Founder & CEO of Fable Foods

Powerful tools to simulate capital raise

Model scenarios and see how new investment rounds will impact ownership. Use Cake’s modeling and reporting tools, audit-proof valuations, and benchmark calculators to confidently plan for the future.

"Cake's feature set is exactly what we needed as a startup getting off the ground with an equity raise for the first time."
‍Founder & CEO

Automated contract management

Offer equity grant to your team, anywhere in the world. Automate offer letters, set up vesting conditions, manage contract signing, all in one place!

"We’re trying to issue options out to 150 people every year.. Trying to get people's signatures and just all of the admin around that -- who's signed, who hasn't signed, trying to keep track. With Cake, all that confusion is a thing of the past."
COO/CFO of Fluent Commerce

Easy and transparent employee portfolio

Onboard fast, and communicate with your employees the value of their equity. They immediately get access to a team app and see the value of their equity in real time.

"I just found it so easy to just log in, click a couple of buttons, send the email to my employees, they sign it, and then it (stock options) is sorted. It's nice when I onboard someone, log in, send them a link and it's sorted very quickly."
CEO of Entry level

Built to scale, minus the complexity

Powerful tools that take your team from startup to scaleup

As you add more stock option holders, investors, and shareholders, your cap table needs to scale with you. Cake PRO comes with features and tools designed to motivate globally distributed teams.

Bare trusts

Set up bare trusts and group beneficiaries together to keep your growing cap table.

Global options pools

Manage all your option pools together in one, or grouped according to country.

Advanced reporting

Generate financial reports and compare changes over time to help

Dedicated support

Personalised customer experience and private Slack channel for faster response time.

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Fast-track your growth with global equity

Manage a globally distributed team and a constantly evolving cap table with an equity operating system that scales with you.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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