Cap table modeling

Model out scenarios of changes to your cap table, investor holdings and consider future dilution.

Model changes to your cap table, improve decision making

Plan out scenarios involving changes to your cap table through investment, SAFE / Convertible note conversions and option pool top-ups.

"The cap table we have on Cake is our source of truth. It's a tool that we use on a day-to-day basis."
Ellen Dinsmoor -  COO of Vow

Planning cap table scenarios and future dilution analysis

Dilution calculator
Identify how much each shareholder will be diluted by if you progress a round of investment.
Simulate note conversions
Simulate conversion of your SAFE or Convertible Notes and changes in your cap table instantly.
Option pool top-up
Top up your option pool and review changes to your holdings.

Automatically simulate conversion of SAFE and convertible notes

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Quickly make decisions on capital raise scenarios
Plan your next raise by estimating pre and post-money investment valuations
Determine change in total securities and shareholder dilution
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