What to expect when expecting (an investment)?

What to expect when expecting (an investment)?
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What to Expect When You’re Expecting...

This is a question more often than not considered when life throws the unexpected (or expected!!) at you.
But what about when it comes to seeking investment for your startup?

In this online presentation we gather the leaders and professionals in the sector to present varying perspectives on what it takes and what to really consider when raising capital and the best processes and mechanisms to implement for success.

Trust us when we say this is definitely not a conversation to miss!

Hosted by Allied Legal

What is Spark Festival?

Spark Festival has a mandate to coordinate and promote startup-focused events that spark engagement into and across the startup ecosystem.

This event is open to all Spark Festival attendees

Spark Festival 2023 has been made possible by support from the Australian Computer Society, Department of Industry, Science and Resources, William Buck and Atlassian, and continues its mission to drive engagement into and across the NSW startup ecosystem.

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