Straight from VCs: How to successfully fundraise for your startup

Straight from VCs: How to successfully fundraise for your startup

The success of a fundraising round can be a make or break for some startups. And while there have been a lot of success stories in the region, the reality for most startups - especially in the early stages- are not the same.

Apart from the already challenging fundraising process, founders of today are facing additional challenges from the changing business landscape and the inevitable shift to digital.

Join the panel discussion featuring speakers from Cake Equity and Qualgro as they share practical insights and tips that could help startups successfully fundraise.

The discussion will cover:

  • How to approach investors - cold calls, introductions, networking events, digital means
  • Key points to highlight when introducing your startup that leaves an impression
  • What investors want to see in your pitch deck
  • What characteristics of founders and team that VCs consider a green flag for investment
  • What are some fundraising red flags VCs are watching out for
  • VC capacity to lead a fundraising round: what this means and how does it benefit your startup
  • How the pandemic changed the fundraising process
  • Any current trends or verticals that VCs think have huge potential for growth

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