FinTech Forward: A 2023 Review & 2024 Preview

FinTech Forward: A 2023 Review & 2024 Preview

We are proud to announce this exciting event, hosted at The Precinct. This gathering marks the beginning of our 2024 calendar, promising an evening rich with insights and forward looking discussions.

We'll kick off this event with a through-provoking presentation that delves into the significant achievements and challenges of the past year and how they shape the opportunities awaiting us in 2024. Following the presentation, a panel of FinTech experts will take the stage, offering diverse perspectives on the future of finance technology.

The evening will conclude with a transition to Finn McCool's, where attendees are invited to enjoy networking drinks in a relaxed atmosphere, fostering meaningful connections and collaborations within the FinTech community.

Don't miss this opportunity learn and engage with the the FinTech QLD Community!

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