Community Drinks with LUNA x Skalata x Cake

Community Drinks with LUNA x Skalata x Cake
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All events hold a special place, but nothing beats a good ol' startup community drinks session.

Which is why the teams at LUNA, Skalata and Cake are coming together to host you — the founders, investors, operators, and everyone in between that make the Melbourne startup ecosystem what it is!

Come along to LUNA's studio in the heart of Cremorne to enjoy some drinks, grub, and breezy networking.

PS: There may or may not be an amazing lucky draw prize to be won!


About LUNA:

A full-service startup studio, LUNA consolidates its legal, accounting and education design expertise to support fast-growing startups and scale-ups, providing consistent cross-functional support to critical foundations of businesses as they scale. LUNA's uniquely-cultivated network opens up invaluable parts of the startup ecosystem, including investors, and supports entrepreneurs in launching, securing investment, scaling, and beyond.

About Skalata:

Skalata is Australia’s leading seed-stage venture capital firm. With decades of team experience, Skalata helps startups navigate the seed stage, while paving the way for sustainable growth. Like other VCs, they provide capital and networks, and what sets them apart is time. Skalata invests more time, more one-on-one coaching, and more hands-on support than any other VC in Australia, helping founders build their capabilities for long-term success.

About Cake:

Cake is on a mission to empower startups by making global equity simple and fast. They’re a healthy, positive bunch focused on helping founders build a better future for all of us. With decades of experience from startup, scale up, legal, and entrepreneurship, Cake is here to empower founders and their teams, by making global equity simple and fast, moving off spreadsheets and managing equity on Cake like a pro, streamlining cap table management and investor engagement, and issuing equity to employees in minutes in over 50 countries.

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