Community Drinks

Community Drinks
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Mark your calendars for 27 March, cause we’re bringing you our next Community Drinks session in Melbourne.

This time, we’ve joined forces with our mates at Antler and Cake to host you – the founders, investors, operators and everyone in between that make the Melbourne startup community what it is!

Swing by our studio in Richmond and ​​expect engaging conversations, fantastic connections, and, of course, a feast of drinks and pizza.

This event is ticketed at $10. All ticket proceeds from the event will be donated to Robogals.

About LUNA

A full-service startup studio, LUNA consolidates its legal, accounting and education design expertise to support fast-growing startups and scale-ups, providing consistent cross-functional support to critical foundations of businesses as they scale. LUNA's uniquely-cultivated network opens up invaluable parts of the startup ecosystem, including investors, and supports entrepreneurs in launching, securing investment, scaling, and beyond.

About Antler

Antler is a global VC investing in founders from day zero. From business leaders to technologists and aspiring entrepreneurs, we help launch and scale startups and invest at the very earliest stage - pre-idea, pre-team, Pre-Seed. Whether you’re a builder or backer of innovation, we are committed to making progress inevitable. Learn more and start with your journey with Antler here.

About Cake.

Cake is on a mission to empower startups by making global equity simple and fast. They’re a healthy, positive bunch focused on helping founders build a better future for all of us. With decades of experience from startup, scale up, legal, and entrepreneurship, Cake is here to empower founders and their teams, by making global equity simple and fast, moving off spreadsheets and managing equity on Cake like a pro, streamlining cap table management and investor engagement, and issuing equity to employees in minutes in over 50 countries.

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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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