Cap table modelling for startups with Standard Ledger

Cap table modelling for startups with Standard Ledger

As a founder, it’s important to understand how your startup’s cap table will change through multiple funding rounds. Otherwise you risk diluting your ownership too much.

Enough said? There is more though: Investors want to know that you’ve allowed enough for future capital raising and employee share plan allocations, too.

All of which means, you need to wrap your head around cap table modelling and that’s what this session is about. We’ll run through:

-What is cap table modelling and why is it so important?

-How many shares should my startup have?

-How do I account for SAFEs and convertible notes, touching on valuation caps and discounts?

-How do I account for ESOPs?

Examples of modelling scenarios

You’ll receive Standard Ledger's slides and a simple cap table template spreadsheet as a part of the session

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