Sydney - Eofy Startup Drinks

Sydney - Eofy Startup Drinks
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Celebrate the EOFY, meet and mingle with fellow Sydney Startup crew over drinks, lite bites and good vibes at Hotel CBD.

Drinking alone holds no fun --- get ready to mingle, make new connections, and share some laughs at Sydney- eofy startup drinks.

An event hosted by Cake Equity, Empiraa, Hudled and Think & Grow

providing opportunity for local founders, finance execs and startups to network, chat about the future and connect with peers over drinks in a relaxed and casual setting.

Come and join us in the heart of Sydney's CBD, York 75 for some good drinks and lite bites.

PS: There may or may not be an amazing prize that awaits!


About Cake:

Cake is on a mission to empower startups by making global equity simple and fast. They’re a healthy, positive bunch focused on helping founders build a better future for all of us. With decades of experience from startup, scale up, legal, and entrepreneurship, Cake is here to empower founders and their teams, by making global equity simple and fast, moving off spreadsheets and managing equity on Cake like a pro, streamlining cap table management and investor engagement, and issuing equity to employees in minutes in over 50 countries.

About Hudled:

Software is eating the world. Hudled makes sure it doesn’t eat your company.

Our data-science approach enables you to leverage data to buy the right tools at the best price while engaging your people to get the most value from SaaS. We automatically find savings to apply in your stack and give you instant visibility into every tool, so you know exactly how much you’re overpaying for software at any given moment.

About Think & Grow:

Think & Grow help founders and businesses build legacies and set the right foundations to sustainably scale from hiring, ways of working to global expansion.

Our model and belief is People are the key to success and ensuring you turn a product into a business. We are here to support you every step of the way, from Board to first hires.

Our four key pillars are workshops to identify and close business gaps, hiring to attract the talent to accelerate your business, advisory to understand and empower your people and growth to help you sustainably scale both locally and globally

About Empiraa:

Empiraa helps you action your growth planning. Keeping things simple and focused, allowing you greater vision into your startup from day one.

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