CFO Roundtable - Unpacking ESS for Startups

CFO Roundtable - Unpacking ESS for Startups

​We're thrilled to announce our next FiT Sydney meetup hosted by William Buck with support from Cake Equity. This event will be an intimate roundtable breakfast to discuss how CFOs and finance leaders in scaling companies should think about employee share schemes and how to address some common ESS problems faced by tech companies right now.

​Topics to discuss are:

  • ​How to award ESS to founders with more than 10% shareholding
  • ​What happens when the ESS Startup Concessions end
  • ​Limited recourse loans
  • ​Indeterminate rights and flowering shares
  • ​Team equity for international teams
  • ​Creating enterprise value from your option pool
  • ​How much equity to give and option pool planning

​This roundtable discussion will suit people who have a strong understanding of how employee share options work. Spaces are limited for this event, so RSVP so you don’t miss out.

Event Details:

​Date: May 9th, 2024

​Time: 8:00 AM - 9:30 PM

​Location: Level 29/66 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000

About our Partners:

​Cake Equity enables founders and finance teams to use their equity together with their employees, advisors, and investors to grow the value of their business.

​William Buck is a team of accountants and advisors who have a deep understanding of the tech sector and a track record of helping tech companies grow from startup to exit.

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