Cake is your affordable Carta alternative

Don't get stuck with expensive, complex UI and UX equity management solution. Break the mold with Cake! The perfect Carta alternative that's budget-friendly, easy-to-use, and designed with US startups in mind.
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5-star Rating

Trusted by top accelerators, investors, and lawyers

"Cake is what Carta should be"
One example is that when you have an issue with Carta, you need to call them and it gets escalated to multiple people and it takes *days* to get stuff done. With Cake, I have access to my own representative, I can book meetings with them when I want and they get things done within hours.
Julien Delange, Founder and CEO at Codiga (Acquired by Datadog)

Migrate to Cake in 5 days for free

Don’t worry about the migration process, we have heaps of experience migrating startups from one registry provider to Cake. We will handle the transfer of your existing cap table from Carta to Cake at no additional cost.
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Try Cake, the cost-effective solution for US startups

Cake is the most cost-effective and user-friendly alternative to Carta for equity management. Over 3,000 US startups use Cake, and the number is increasing daily.

Transparent and straight forward pricing

  • Budget-friendly equity management for US startups.
  • Free migration if you are coming from Carta in only 5 days.
  • No hidden fees or random charges.
  • Pay monthly or annually (Save 20%).
  • 409A available in all plans.
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Simple and intuitive UI and UX

  • Designed for ease, simplicity, and clarity.
  • Constantly improving based on your feedback.
  • New features added regularly.
  • Easy onboarding process.
  • Get your job done and continue growing your startup.
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Meet YOUR customer support team

  • Fast and easy setup.
  • Get back to you in hours not days.
  • Customer success team aids in the onboarding process.
  • Ongoing support is provided during your startup journey.
  • Meet Elin, Vince, Clayton and Shannon, your US customer success team.
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Equity doesn't have to be complicated. Join Cake today and see for yourself!

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