Employee Share Scheme.

A Startup Employee Share Option Plan is a tax efficient way to give equity to your
employees. We've made it fast, simple and affordable.

What's included

Share scheme design

Online signature of legal agreements

Exercise payment

Automated share register update

+ Free Open source Airtree Documents plan

Plan Director resolution

Offer letter

Offer agreement

Exercise notice

+ Up to 2 hours expert legal advice from our legal partners.
one time fee
excluding GST

How can it be so affordable?

We've packaged up all the aspects of an employee share scheme including legal, accounting, registry and document signing into an all in one product that will work for 99% of companies. So without all the extra usual admin and communication, it can be more affordable!

It doesn't have to be difficult

Our set up wizard will guide you through the design of your Employee Share Scheme plan and if you need help you can get support from our expert legal partner.

I thought it would take weeks?

Yes, it used to take weeks but now it can be done in a few days maybe even hours. We are usability and technology experts with a goal to empower entrepreneurs.

What are the steps?

1. Set up

Using Cake's set up wizard you'll breeze through the design of your plan including vesting schedules, leaver conditions and exercise window. You'll be ready to grant options in no time. Talk to one of our legal experts along the way if you need it.

2. Issue

Send offers, get signatures online and issue options through the app. Then give your team members access to view and manage their options through the optionsholder app.

3. Manage

The system keeps track of vesting dates and exercise windows, so both team members and directors are always up to date. Also manage and monitor your pool, how many options are left and how many come back in if a team member leaves.

4. Exercise

Cake takes care of payment and automatically updates your share register when an option holder becomes a shareholder.

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Need a valuation too?

Each employee share scheme should have a compliant valuation. We can prepare an ESS valuation under the ATO safe harbour guidelines.


one time fee

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What's included
Review balance sheet
Review shares on issue
Prepare CPA certified valuation

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